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It was good to see his face <3
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Finally got to see Ethan today after months of him being away for work. We went out for lunch to Lobster Cave. It's this restaurant that Ethan loves but I'd never been there, it was ok but I didn't think it was anything amazing. I drank a bit too much wine and felt a little sick, so I couldn't finish my dessert. Suddenly I couldn't handle anything with a lot of flavour in it. I think it was a bit too hot inside the restaurant because once I was in the car with the aircon for a while I didn't feel so sick...or maybe I just needed some time to let everything settle.

After lunch we went back to Ethans and he pretty much had to go straight to the airport. Unfortunately Ethan has to go back to Darwin for another 2 weeks but then the job is done and we can hang out again like normal. It was a little sucky only getting to see him for like half a day because I was in Brisbane for the weekend to work at Supanova.

Supanova was good, we sold lots of stuff. Got to see 2 movies while I was up there, Hunger Games Mockinjay Part 1 and Interstallar. Also got to eat the amazingest creme brulee again. Last year at the casino we went into a place called Fat Noodle and had Jasmine Tea Creme Brulee and it was so delicious we ordered seconds. This year, they had Coconut Creme Brulee and it did no disappoint! Yummmm.

On the day we arrived in Brisbane there was this freak hail storm. At the time we were inside the mall and could hear the rain on the roof and heard thunder. We walked to the entrance and could see the crazy rain and hail. The roof started leaking in the supermarket and many other stores were flooded out.  The walkway outside was a massive puddle of ice slush. The hailstones were huge and knocked off a lot of the christmas baubles, which were floating down the walkway turned river.

Flooding on the bridge.

Some massive hailstones.

After setting up at the convention, we went to another Supermarket and they had a blackout. We had to shop in the dark, one of the store people led us around with a torch. We also used our torch phone apps to see.

The Treasury Casino is where Fat Noodle and Kitchen are. We usually end up here for food when we get out of the convention late because nothing else is open.


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