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Mario Party 10 - Please draw dicks on the gameboard
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Mario Party 10 came out the weekend so I chilled out with Tim, Ash, Chez, Sam and Ash2 to play it. It was fun despite its limitations. Like the 9th game, all players seem to travel together on a car rather than have individual spots on the board. And you can't set a number of turns to play before the winner is decided. However. I do like the adition of having a 5th player as Bowser, who's sole purpose is to fuck everyone up, lol. The new drawing parts that make use of the Wii U gamepad were of course covered with dicks.

Here is some lovely artwork by Tim.

After playing the game we watched a movie called Nightcrawler, about a guy who went around filming accidents for a news show. The main character basically has no concept of personal space or ethics and is quite detestible. I spent the whole movie waiting for him to be found guilty of tampering with crime scenes and nothing happened! So it kinda ruined the whole movie for me. I really hate a non-ending.

On sunday evening, Ethan was back from his Army Reserves training and we went out to dinner at Knox. There's a Malaysian place that opened up there a few months ago called Pappa Rich, so we tried that out. The food was cheap and nice for the price but kinda too hot. I'm used to having really sweet laksa at the Emporium in Melbourne, the same goes for the sauce that comes with Roti bread. However the actual bread was really great and more like it was freshly cooked as opposed to Emporium (Chinta Ria Soul) and the other place at Knox (Nudle) that has roti bread. Also while at Knox I noticed that Sakura House has closed down! It was the only Japanese food place I know that's close to home so I'm kinda sad about that.

Last week my car was being a little weird on my drive to work, so I've taken it in to Nissan today to get looked at. My electrics cut out for a second and the Charge light on the dash came on. So I was worried about my car not starting up again if it's not charging properly. It's also been making a high pitch kinda noise. I thought something was wrong with the fan belt but that looks fine at a glance...and looking through my previous service records, that was already replaced in the last year or so. Anyways, waiting on a phonecall to see if they found anything. Better to get it looked at than have it totally break down somewhere. Although my Mazda 626 has been a great car and never broken down anywhere mid-drive... I guess I should look at getting a newer car within the next few years as it is a 1990 model car.


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