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Ethan called me from America in the middle of the night Z_Z
bishi, keh, smirk
I have been getting that night time anxiety the last week or so, where I find it hard to settle down and go to sleep. After trying to watch anime for a while, last night I got fed up with it and took my meds to knock me out. It worked.

Ethan called me around like 3.30am from an unknown number and I was soooo confused. lol. He's in America right now and he was in a comic shop and wanted to ask what manga or Sailor Moon stuff I wanted. It was so incredibly sweet that I couldn't be mad. I think he's getting a whole tonne of the Attack on Titan manga for us both to read and the Sailor Moon manga volumes 11 & 12 which I don't have. Yay manga!

I fell back to sleep pretty quickly. So all good.

Yesterday I spent hours sifting through Free! pictures to put together with the MakoHaru Mook translation. Been a while since I just totally lost myself in some fandom related endeavour.

I formatted the text neatly too, because I didn't like how it looked on tumblr. It came out pretty good.

I need to break my facebook addiction and go back to drawing fanart.


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