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Bought a dress for my sisters wedding =)
bishi, keh, smirk

Chez and Ash's wedding is coming up next month. Bought this dress on ebay super cheap just now. Should arrive in 2 weeks. If it sucks, I guess I'll still have time to get something else but all the ebay feedback seemed good for other dresses. Love the gradiant on it, so hopefully it looks nice in person. The blue/greens should match a scarf I already have that I got for another dress I own.

Heading off to Sydney on friday to work at SMASH! for the weekend. Been busily packing all the stock at work the last few weeks.

My parents came back from their holiday on sunday night. I drove to the airport to pick them up. Finally got around to driving the new Xtrail they bought a few months ago. It's pretty nice. The weird thing about it, is the hand brake, which is now a foot brake. Whenever I parked the car, I'd instintively grasp at the air where a handbrake should be, haha. It has reversing cameras but I don't know how to trust those just yet. It's pretty nice to drive but it feels huge compared to my car.

Today is my day off, so it's my last day to relax a little before the convention crazy time. But I should probably pack my bag while I'm not in a last minute rush.


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