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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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cosplayer, photographer, artist, designer, fujoshi
pain, emokid, soul, bleed, alone

Hi! Welcome to my journal! Most of my posts are friends only. Please say hello in this post and I'll add you back :)

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It's me! Uhm... I met you at the picnic? I was in charge of 'setting it up' xD

... boandpop~? >__>;;

OTL;;; I don't know if you'll recognise me~ xD

Hey! Of course I remember! :)

Hey you like gaara-kun too? That's so cool =3, people mainly like Sasuke or Naruto but not gaara. It's cool to meet other people who like him, right? Hope we can be friends cuz... well... oh I don't know you just sound like a cool person to talk to. =3

Yes, I adore Gaara! He's such a great character!

Feel free to add me and I'll add you back :)

Just stumbled over your icon on gamers 
You've got Gaara. You've got GaaraxNaruto cosplay. So you like Demons. And Ninjas. And Unicorns! Tell me you like zombies, too, and I'll beg you to become my friend! <3

I'm a fangirl (and Naruto-otaku) from Germany and I love video games, manga and anything related! Let's share our love~!

Haha yes I do like zombie movies too! :D

We have lots in common, awesome! Of course I will add you to my friends list.

I'm actually half German since my Dad was born in Germany and then came to Australia when he was little :) Although I can't speak any German aside from easy words like hello and goodbye. ^_^;

Great! <3

To be precise I'm from Bavaria and - believe me - we actually aren't able to speak any correct German, too.^^

I don't know if you watched the FIFA World Cup this year, but this country is crazy about football (or should I refer to it as soccer?) and right now we might be able to reach the finale! *joy* Australia also left a huge impression qualifying for the WC the second time in a row and even beating Serbia (who beat Germany T.T). Hopefully we'll get to see more of your team in the future!

Um, Heyy My name is Jack.

New to this thing and you seem to be interested in a lot of the same things I am, so I added you :) I hope you don't mind like..

Oh and my posts are a little dramatic but I'm working on that haha :P I'll try to get to reading alot of your stuff to see what sort of stuff is welcome on Live Journal.. Thanks :)


hey i c u like gaara-chan!!!

hey my name is dizzy & i wanna add u cuz.... u like gaara!!!! =^ ^= i love gaara....he's soo adorable, one of my best friends is like totally in love with him!! <3

Re: hey i c u like gaara-chan!!!

Hi there! Gaara is an excellent reason for us to be friends =)

Re: hey i c u like gaara-chan!!!

ummm yeah i think you forgot to add me LOL. i love gaara also. LMAO

Re: hey i c u like gaara-chan!!!

Ah very sorry! I have added you now :)

Remember me? PSO dude(from the WoW LJ comm)? Add me? =)

Yeah I remember, I'll add you :)

*waves* Hello I am B. I wanted to see your artwork for Naruto and Gaara but it was f-locked. Could you friend me pretty please?

came across your profile and thought you'd be fun to friend on here :)

Ok! I have added you back! :D

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