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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Pandora Hearts drabble.
codegeass, forever, SuzaLuLu, yaoi
Fanfiction timez! Here's the result of the only serious request from the fanfic meme I posted. Written for tasukigirl !

Title: Tea & Sugar
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Pairings: Gil/Oz one-sided. Break/Gil one-sided.
Wordcount: 613
Rating: PG.. I guess.
Description: Break likes to tease Gil.

Notes: I'm a massive noob at fanfiction, characters may be a bit OOC! Sorry if my grammar is retarded, please correct me if anything just doesn't make sense! General feedback is also appreciated, help me improve :)

Gil, Oz and Alice flopped down on the furniture and simultaneously sighed. It was late, the Rainsworth mansion was silent and it seemed no one else was awake other than the 3 that just returned.

"I want to eat" Alice mumbled while starting to fall asleep.

"You shouldn't eat so late at night!" said Oz in a tone that imitated the grown ups.

"You'll get fat" quipped Gil and waited for a scathing stare of death that was sure to follow. But none came, Alice had gotten up and was already walking down the hall and mumbling goodnight. He glanced over at Oz, who was beginning to yawn. Gil hoped he would finally get to spend a little time with his beloved master without everyone else interrupting. He made a small attempt to keep the younger boy from leaving. "Do you want some tea?"

"yeah" said Oz airily. The dark haired man smiled and hurried off the kitchen, pleased that he would have some time alone with the blonde haired boy he admired so much.


Gil poured the tea into two cups and looked around for the sugar. The usual pot was empty, he suspected that Break had probably eaten all the sugar cubes and was too lazy to replace them. How annoying. He opened the pantry door to search for more sugar..

He was greeted by the face of a pale haired man, Gil jumped back in fright. Gil thought he should be used to Break appearing in strange places by now. But the Mad Hatter contractor was just so fucking creepy standing there with that strange grin on his face, which a second ago had been centimeters from the raven haired mans own face. Break leaned out of the cupboard with his hands gripping the doorframe. "Heyyyyy are you making that tea for me?" he said in a singsong voice. When he'd leaned as far as he could go, he began to rock back and forth like a kid in a playground.

"No!" The raven haired man replied sharply with a scowl but then his face softened. "It's for master Oz"

"awwww" Break made a pouting face like a child.

The raven haired man crossed his arms, not affected by the other mans whining and childlike act. "Just go to bed and leave us alone!"

"Ohhhh, I see how it is" came a taunting voice that made Gil fluster, his cheeks turning red. Break raised a hand to his own mouth and chuckled. "You're such pervert!"

"It.. it's not like that! The only pervert here is you!" With that, Gil pushed Break aside to reach for the sugar that sat on the shelf around head height. Break was still standing inside the pantry and as Gil leaned close the silver haired man blew a slow stream of air into his ear. The sensation of the air had sent a pleasing tingle down his spine but he reacted outwardly in disgust. "Argh!" He glared at Break in annoyance but then decided to ignore him, taking the sugar and returning to the other side of the kitchen to prepare the tea.

"Don't pretend you don't like it." Breaks voice was low and teasing, it was like the words continued to make the feeling in Gils spine reverberate.

The raven haired man tensely dropped in the sugar and poured the milk without a glance back, hoping that Break would get bored with his silence and stop tormenting him. He picked up the tray and began to walk out, sneaking a peek from the corner of his eye back towards the pantry.. Break was gone. He sighed with relief and hurried back to Oz.

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Thanks for writing this. :D That Break... he's so ridiculous. It's why I love him~

Also love Gil's gayness for Oz. <3

Yay! I'm glad you liked it :)

I only just realised recently that Break is voiced by Akira Ishida. He usually speaks in a tone a lot different to Gaara's so probably why I didn't pick it ^_^;

Hey, what do you mean 'Only Serious'! Mine was VERY serious!



ohohoho be careful what you wish for then :P

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