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Competition Wins - Master List
Making a list of all the things I've ever won over my life in competitions. Only small things so far but you will eventually win something if you enter a lot of different comps!

~~ Wins so far ~~
Clothes - Billabong pack - bikini, towel & shorts
Clothes - Uniqlo heattech long sleeve shirt
Computer Stuff - Kaiser Baas Portable Scanner (sold it because I had no use for it)
Computer Stuff - Kaiser Baas TV Stick (sold it because I had no use for it)
DVD - Horton Hears a Who
DVD - Futurama Beast With a Billion Backs
DVD - Starship Operators boxset
DVD - xxxHolic season 1 boxset
DVD - Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka season 1 boxset
Videogames - PSP Travel Case
Videogames - PS2 Soul Reaver 2
Videogames - Some RTS game... I forgot the name of it because I gave it to my brother in law Aaron
Movie - My Bloody Valentine 2 passes
Movie - Inkheart - 2 passes
Movie - Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters - 2 pass
Movie - Warm Bodies Prize Pack (2 movie passes, hoodie, tshirt, drinking bird, zombie magnetic poetry kit)
Movie - Oblivion at Imax double pass (Gave this to Chez to use)
Movie - Snitch - double pass
Movie - After Earth double pass
Movie - The Conjuring pre-screening (gave to Chez)
CD - Soundtrack from a Disney movie (can't remember which one right now)
Misc - Hello Kitty Magnets
Misc - Ninja Turtle Stickers
Misc - Little Mermaid doll
Misc - 2013 calendar
Make Up - Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss
Make Up - 10.0.6 Mud Mask, Exfoliant and drink bottle
Make Up - Schick Hydro 5 razor
Make Up - $100 voucher for - Got 2 sets of blue contacts and cleaning solution.
Food - Cadbury Marvellous Creations 290g chocolate block
Tickets - OzComicCon - 2 weekend passes
Tickets - Supanova Adelaide 2013 Weekend 2 x passes (Gave away to highschool friend Lana)
Homewares - Spillproof Coffee cup with lid from Wild Bean Cafe (Dad got good use out this)
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