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Anxiety, Tea & SMASH! Courier Day
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Anxiety over Ethan being away still hasn't passed. I've been sleeping somewhat better the last few days at least, last week I wasn't sleeping so well. I take sleep vitamins sometimes and within 30 minutes I'm feeling tired, which is good. Last night I had camomile tea before bed and slept well.

Need to buy some more camomile. Considering getting some from T2.... just getting the leaves is a bit more environmentally friendly rather than tea bags. I recently bought the Toffee tea from T2 and it's pretty nice! I want to find a store that stocks the Lupica brand tea, because shipping on their website is $9 and I want more Cookie Tea without a shipping premium on top.

On monday afternoon Ethan called me after he had arrived, he said Darwin is tiny ...and just looks like strip shops, like Mountain Gate. lol what a shithole.

I've got work today, meeting the couriers to send our stock to Sydney. Have a few last minute things to pack and then we're good to go. I'm hoping that part of my anxiety is related to getting everything organised for the convention and that I'll feel a little better once the pallet has been picked up.

While I do have medication I can take for anxiety, I'm trying to do without it. I shouldn't be chewing through it like it's candy. Also, it makes you drowsy so you shouldn't drive after having it. And I've got driving to do.


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