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I've seen three movies this week. Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't as great as people make it out.
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In the last week I've seen Lucy, Guardians of the Galaxy and Hercules. All for free with work.

Despite Guardians of the Galaxy only being out for around a week, it had already been over hyped and my expectations were really high. So I found it incredibly underwhelming. It's definitely enjoyable and amusing but sometimes it felt a bit try hard because I had no context for the characters personalities. With other Marvel franchises, I already know a bit about the characters and what to expect from them, so I guess I have more of an attachment to them going into the film versions. Whereas Guardians of the Galaxy is a relatively new franchise, with which I haven't connected with in comic or cartoon form. Of course baddies like Thanos are familiar.

Lucy wasn't a bad film but I wouldn't say rush out and see it. I think I more enjoyed it from a philosophical and scientific angle, where it got me thinking about the potential of the human mind.

Hercules I went into with very low expectations and so it turned out to be pretty good. Although I was hoping for more mythical beast battles and magic powers rather than Hercules is just a strong dude who can take on a whole army. 


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