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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Ash's birthday and weekend stuff
bishi, keh, smirk
Got to see a free movie last friday. My boss has been getting some tickets from Coke rewards and they were about to expire, so we went and watched Hundred Foot Journey after work at Melb Central. The movie is about two rival restaurants in a French town, where gradually both "families" become friends. It was a really nice feel good story and had some really funny parts too. If you want a different pace from the standard Hollywood shit, then I recommend this.

It was Ash's birthday last week so last Saturday was spent with a few friends (Chez, Ash2, Tim, Lauren) grabbing some food at Knox and then coming back home to play games and watch movies. We watched The Haunting of Helena, which was actually a pretty good spooky movie. We had a few hit and miss with a few other movies before that, watching 10 minutes and deciding they were shit. So yeah, Haunting of Helena wasn't scary at the time I was watching it because we were all making jokes and stuff. But now that I think back on it, I probably would have shat a brick if I watched it seriously because the theme is pretty freaky and reinforces my ideas that old furniture is haunted.

Sunday I spent relaxing and catching up on anime. Apparently nyaa.se is being DDOS'd though, so I couldn't get some newer stuff. But I have plenty to watch already on my computer.

Me and Chez have picked up where we left off on watching Kuroko no Basket and have nearly finished season 1 now. We've also been watching a lot of Ghost Adventures (not anime) lately because I've been in a mood for paranormal stuff and so has Chez.

Sam and Aaron moved into the house around the corner that Mum and Dad also own and Chez and Ash are meant to be moving in there too. Ash is already starting to move some of his stuff but Chez said she's not in any hurry just yet. Which kind of makes me feel relieved because it's going to be pretty boring and lonely around here for me.
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