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All my money goes on little plastic people
bishi, keh, smirk

  • Sat, 09:40: Ughhhh JBHiFi online is shit. My order that should have been sent a week ago hasn't even been billed off my card.

  • Sat, 09:58: Nooooooo I can't afford Halloween Miku... I have too many pre-orders already.

  • Sat, 09:58: Little plastic people are my weakness.

  • Sat, 10:18: Blog Update: Abdul & Polnareff's Bizarre Wizzing Adventure: Punishing your hiding underground enemies by peein...

  • Sat, 11:18: RT @zombiemiki: More shiny Gengar

  • Sat, 11:20: The Pokemon Center in Japan has ghost Pokemon out at the moment for Halloween!!! Damn... I wish I was there!

  • Sat, 11:33: It's hilarious how much Dad swears when Mum is not around.


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