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My weekend consisted of Hyrule Warriors and KyoAni Cards Against Humanity
ORLY, crack, lol

Saturday afternoon/evening I went over to Chez/Sams house. It's only a few streets away. Hyrule Warriors came out on saturday and Chez had just bought it. We plowed through a huge chunk of it in multiplayer. It's really weird how it splits the screen, player 1 gets the controller screen and player 2 gets the whole TV. Staring at 50" TV in somewhat close proximity for hours did give me a headache. The story also does the lame thing of forcing you to play certain characters, even Ganondorf! Although if you are player 2 you can pick whoever you want. I was smashing things up as Link, Shiek or Zelda. Didn't care about the other characters. It's a pretty simple hack and slash game and I liked that it wasn't ridiculously hard to play.

On sunday I went into the city to meet up with some friends and play Cards Against Humanity with some Kyoto Animation custom cards thrown in for good measure. I was pleased I won a Free! themed round! It was really nice to catch up with people too, I haven't been very social of late.



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