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Worrying about Ethan after he hurt himself
bishi, keh, smirk

  • Fri, 15:29: Ethan injured his hand yesterday and now I can't stop worrying. I'd feel better if I could just see him. Ughhh long distance sucks!

  • Sat, 02:05: Really warm night, it's hard to sleep when it still feels like day. Should pass out from exhaustion soon enough I hope!

  • Sat, 10:45: There was a big drama llama issue on facebook yesterday afternoon that I didn't really get involved in, yet I've been deleted anyways.

  • Sat, 10:46: Feel kinda disappointed that people won't just stop crucifying each other over stupid little things.

  • Sat, 10:55: RT @2tohei: ホビーストックさんブースにてfigma橘真琴&七瀬遙展示中です! 是非実物をみにきてください! #AGF #TV_Free



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