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Heading to Queensland for work, Holiday planning with Ethan
bishi, keh, smirk

  • Wed, 13:15: My old boss from a job I had 9 years ago rang me up today and would like me to do a few small website jobs.

  • Wed, 16:10: Going to Brisbane tomorrow for Supanova with work! I love Queensland, much warm, food good :3

  • Wed, 16:11: Might be going for a short holiday to Queensland in the new year if an overseas holiday plan doesn't work out.

  • Wed, 16:13: My boyfriend wants to go to Dubai and I was a bit meh about it until I found out there is a Sega Theme Park there XD

  • Wed, 17:08: I hate it when Apple updates kill my cheapo charge cables. Now I need another spare ;_;

  • Wed, 20:03: Dear Melbourne busker trying to sing "My heart will go on" ..... My ears cannot go on.


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