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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Hamilton Island Holiday
smiling eternal, smile
Got home yesterday from my holiday. We almost got stuck there because of a big storm. The plane coming in from Melbourne to Hamilton Island had to circle for about 2 hours before it could land. Which of course delayed our flight back to Melbourne. The Sydney flight before us actually did get cancelled. XD

Holiday photos here ~ http://unikorn.smugmug.com/Travel/Hamilton-Island/

Anyways, we arrived last saturday and the hotel staff met us at the airport and drove us bag to the hotel. They retrieved our check in luggage for us and took it to our room. Ahhh service! While we were checking in, we got some nice juice and cupcakes. We had some lunch at the hotel restaurant and then booked a few things to do for the next few days. On the first day we had a look at the shops and went in the pool/beach and to Romano's for dinner, which had an amazing dessert platter.

On sunday we went and had breakfast with the Koalas, looked at the little animal zoo and then went Parasailing! I was a little bit scared but it was such an amazing view! After that we came back and got our photo with a Koala. We went to Mariners for dinner and had this amazing chocolate flavoured martini!

On monday we went to the day spa and got awesome massages. In the afternoon we did some snorkelling in the shallow beach near the resort and in the evening we went on a sunset dinner cruise.

On tuesday we took a scenic sea plane flight over the great barrier reef and then went snorkelling out in the ocean around the reef. I was glad I'd had a "practice" the day before. We went to Coca Chu for dinner and this massive thunderstorm hit the island, we could see all the lightening through the window. We got back to our hotel room and the fire alarm was bugging out and they had to call an electrician to fix it. The problem was the same for a few other guest rooms too.

On wednesday morning we went on a boat to whithaven beach. In the afternoon we enjoyed the beach and then went to Romano's for dinner for a second time because I wanted the yummy panna cotta for dessert XD