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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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geek, videogames, PSU, phantasystar

I forgot to mention that before I went to Hamilton Island, I made it to level 100 in World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor with Unikornhime, my paladin on Thaurissan. While I was away, my account expired and I had a 60 day FFXIV timecard from Christmas. So hence why I've switched games again. Although I would still like to play some more WoW, I was having fun playing it again.

After returning from Hamilton Island and getting back into FFXIV, I reached Level 50 with my White Mage class for Einkorn Prinz, my character on Masamune.


There's something about the environments in WoW that are more immersive and pretty. The zones in FFXIV are overall very drab, while there are a few pretty dungeons, I feel that its sharper graphics are entirely wasted on poor zone design. Wheras in WoW, when I'd wander into a new zone, quite often I'd just go "this place is so pretty!" in many of the forests. Of course there are the occasional shit ugly zones like Desolace. But the beauty of places like Zangamarsh more than makes up for it. I honestly can't think of any levelling zones in FFXIV that have made me feel so pleased to look at them.

In WoW, I will quite often stop to take screenshots because I find the environment so enchanting.


What FFXIV does have going for it is it delights my penchant for playing dress up in video games. The clothing meshes have a large variety and lovely details, whereas WoW has some pretty standard top/pants/dress meshes and just adds a new texture/skin to them. In FFXIV there's equal opportunity skimpy clothing for both male and female characters and in WoW there seems to be some strange sexism of a pair of pants looking normal on a guy character and looking like panties on a female character.

In FFXIV I stop to take screenshots because my character is hot or he has cool new clothes. The cut-scenes do show these off nicely.


So now onto my thoughts on cut scenes. In FFXIV the cut scenes are a welcome addition in regular solo questing. However in dungeons they hold the group up and can be annoying. As much as I want to watch them, I hate keeping everyone waiting. So I normally just skip them. Also the cut scenes hinder you when you're in a dungeon queue. You can't accept your invite while watching one, which is entirely frustrating when you've been waiting ages to do something and of course it pops as you're stuck in a quest cut scene which you were only doing to kill time while the dungeon queue took forever. Goddammit.

In comparison, Warcraft never really had cut scenes in the original game but gained some in the expansions. But really only a few for major events, it wasn't a frequent part of your everyday questing. WoW - WoD did make questing a lot more immersive by adding its own version of cut scenes and more interactive quests with NPC's. Also like Mists of Pandaria there are instanced zones in Warlords of Draenor that change as you progress through the story. The quests that feature your character as part of the action are defintely cool and I love everyone calling me commander!

I like both games but I think I lean towards WoW for its playabilty and customisation. FFXIV is a somewhat hard game and the lack of being able to fully modify the interface for dungeons/raiding is annoying. Addons for WoW is a godsend for all the different classes. Each player can get the information they need filtered down by a mod and play efficiently. If you're struggling to learn your class, you can download rotation mods to help you pick the best abilities. As a healer I can get mods that warn me when someone is debuffed, without having to look at a tonne of buff/debuff icons and try to figure out if someones poisoned or otherwise. But maybe WoW has these going for it because the game is 10 years old and has way more people pouring into community resources and such.

Time will tell with FFXIV and how it evolves, it's still only on the first "expansion" as such with A Realm Reborn. Which really is a reboot of the original FFXIV game that failed abysmally. The first real expansion should be out later this year, which is called Heavensward.