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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Valentines day wasn't very romantic
sparkle, love
Valentines Day was a bit of a chaotic mess. Ethan and I had booked a table at Dragon Boat (Knox) because he wasn't going to get home from work kinda late so I said we should go somewhere local.

However, with it being Valentines Day, saturday night and Chinese New Year later this week, the restaurant was clearly cracking under pressure. We were seated about 40 minutes after arriving. They let us have a round of free drinks as apology. Then forgot to bring us menus. Waving down a waiter always took forever because they were clearly understaffed. Food was slow because the place was packed. Also they forgot to bring us cutlery for dessert. The food was good but the experience was a little frustrating.

So yeah, even if you have a partner on Valentines Day... chances are that your dinner isn't really going to be the amazing experience you hoped for because everywhere is crowded.

I remember last year that the food was really slow at Chill On (the ice bar) and I was drunk before we'd even had entree. The vegetarian option for the main on the set menu was some horrible salad too.

Heirloom (in Melbourne) was probably the nicest place I've been for Valentines Day with Ethan. It was a really nice Japanese restaurant. Although in that case, Ethan didn't end up liking a lot of the food. So we've never found a complete winner!