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Videogames I play ~ PSO2, Sims4, FFXIV
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Got a bunch of Phantasy Star Online 2 stuff coming in the mail from the recent lottery. Mostly little things, so I'll have to hunt down the other prizes I want. I haven't actually played the game for quite a few months. It's in the back of my mind all the time and I keep updating the patches every so often but never actually get around to playing it. I guess having no one to play with kinda puts a dampener on things.

I have been playing The Sims 4 a little bit this week. The game only came out late last year so there's not a whole lot of anime custom content yet. But I did find some Attack on Titan outfits. If only I could find some decent hair styles for guys! (Then I could make Eren and Levi ehehe). Compiling some links to Attack on Titan Sims4 stuff over here on my geek blog ~

In this weeks patch for Final Fantasy XIV, they are adding a casino! I'm looking forward to trying that out as it will be lots of minigames. It should be up late tonight I think. Currently patching but not sure if the server is still down for maintenance.

Despite bumming around today and watching anime / playing games I was a little productive and did a bit of clothes washing and vacuuming of my room. I hate that I'm so messy but it's pretty hard to break the habit. I need to tidy up more often but I only seem to feel like doing when I'm alone in the house like today. I also have some website work to do, so I feel like a cleaner working space will make me feel more focused. My room is still very cluttered but I've been putting a few storage things in the spare room downstairs. Now that all my siblings have moved out, I can commandeer the cupboards downstairs!


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