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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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music, ddr, ipod
I went to see Chappie a few days ago. Saturday night to be exact. Had some gold class tickets from Christmas present, so me and Ethan went to Knox. We got dinner first and then played games at Timezone but because the session was really late, we still had more time to kill, so then we got bubble tea and waited around in the lounge at the cinema.

At Timezone we played DDR and found there was a bunch of anime songs on the machine, so that was pretty cool.

Chappie was surprisingly good. I thought it would be standard good sci fi but nothing overtly special. But I found myself completely sucked in. Whenever something bad happened to Chappie (the robot), I almost cried lol. I even felt some sympathy for the thug characters. I particularly liked Yolandi, she was cute. Random Trivia: She's actually a singer/rapper from a band called Die Antwoord and "Yolandi" is actually her stage name which was also used as her character name in the movie.

Had a really nice night out and then for some reason could not sleep when I got home despite it being a late movie. Was wrecked the next day.