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A young girl was killed and I'm scared
princess, sookylahlah
I read a news report earlier today about a teenage girl that had been stabbed to death in a Doncaster park while on her walk in broad daylight. As someone who lives in the eastern suburbs, it was disturbing.

As the day progressed, I found out that people on my facebook friends list knew her. She was part of the Melbourne cosplay / lolita communities. It just hit me harder to know that people I know, had lost their friend and were hurting.

I feel afraid that no where is safe. An innocent girl goes for a walk to get fit... and is brutally attacked. Her life and her dreams, ripped away by some cold hearted asshole. And people wonder why I won't just go for a run on my own or catch the train to work?? This is why! Because I live in constant fear that someone is going to attack me if I'm by myself.

Police are still searching for a suspect ... I hope this crime can be solved soon.


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