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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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I've been mourning a girl I don't know
princess, sookylahlah
Since hearing about the death of Masa "Princess Marci" earlier this week, despite never having the pleasure of meeting her, I've been quite upset and anxious. The crime is just so horrific that you can't not be upset by it. Even my Dad was unable to read the articles in the paper because it was just too upsetting.

Is there no safety anywhere for girls without being blamed for just being girls? The police gives shitty advice like "Parks aren't safe for women"... like wtf? She went to a public place in broad daylight, just down the street from her home. Please don't give us this bullshit because the justice system didn't do it's job properly and let someone with a previous violent criminal record out to go on a crime spree and kill an innocent teenager.

We can't just hide in our houses and never live our lives. A girl should be able to go for a walk at any time of day or night and not be attacked. Stop lecturing girls about how not to get attacked, and start lecturing boys about their shitty behaviour. Stop breeding violence as a sign of masculinity. Kind men need to voice their disgust for the actions of cruel men... and not just with "not all men" comments when girls bring up feminist issues. We are well aware that not all men are violent but we need more support than "not all of us are like that!"... we need publicly condemn rape and violence without blaming the victim, confront people you know and tell them their behaviour is not acceptable. If you could stop even just a few people from going down a dark path, it would make the world a safer place. For men and women.

At this point in time, the killer is in custody. Apparently he turned himself in. He knew he did wrong? So why did he do it? I just don't understand. Let us hope that this time, justice prevails and this horrible person is never free to roam the streets again.

Rest in Peace Marci.
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