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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Where was I up to in Marble Hornets? D:
OH, blush, kaito, vocaloid
I haven't watched Marble Hornets for ages! It's a little webseries about Slender Man, sort of like a documentary/video diary of sorts. The project apparently hasn't been updated for the last 9 months but I actually stopped watching it about 3 years ago, so there's plenty of content for me to go through. Restarting from Entry #30. I've seen this one before but they are only short, so I'll probably find where I was up to quickly.

In other news, my car cost $200 yesterday. They fixed the weird sound up and replaced some deteriorated hose, topped up the coolant and replaced a broken brake light. On the way home I realised that one of my headlights has died as well, shittt. I possibly need to take it back to get the heater system looked at, as that hasn't been working properly. And the rear brake pads need replacing soon too. Cars are such a money hole...but I still prefer it over public transport. Anyways, I'll plod my car through this year and start thinking about more seriously saving for a new one after I go to Japan.