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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Rockstar Games buy from me on ebay
ORLY, crack, lol
No really. Someone bought one of my items on ebay and the shipping address was for Rockstar Games in the USA. (Name and address withheld for privacy of course). That was a little surreal.

The weekend was fairly uneventful. Ethans laptop died and we spent all of saturday trying to get it running properly again. But I think the graphics card is stuffed. Whenever we installed the drivers it either crashed or device manager said it wasn't recognized properly.

On Sunday he went and bought a new one, so Sunday afternoon was spent installing shit as well.

Although I did get to play Final Fantasy V demo and Final Fantasy Type-0 on PS4.

Last friday I recieved my Sailor Moon Star Locket that I pre-ordered a while ago. It's so cute. It doesn't need batteries because it's like a wind up music box. The original 90's version of that locket is worth around $1000, so I was pretty happy to get the 20th Anniversary version for around a 10th of the that price!

I have a photoshoot coming up this week for my Usagi costume, so I'll be able to bring this along to use as a prop. Also the stuff I ordered with my $100 voucher from econtactlenses arrived. Which is also useful for my photoshoot because I needed new blue lenses!