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Double convention weekends are a killer
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Last week at the office was a crazy last minute rush of getting stock ready for Supanova Melbourne. On the night we had to pick up the van, we accidently got locked out of the office and had to go pick up the spare keys from Trishe's place, having to wake up her poor husband at 3am, because Trishe herself was actually overseas. OTL. That night I got home at 5.30am because after getting the keys, I still had to load the van with all the boxes. I was wrecked. And of course the next day I had to set up the stall for Supanova. More wrecked. Then I worked the Saturday/Sunday at the convention all day, as well as spending Saturday evening grabbing more stock from the office to restock for Sunday and then Sunday night was spent packing down the stall. Ultra mega wrecked.

It's wednesday and I'm still feeling tired. I had monday off and spent some time with Ethan, after not seeing him all week due to work. We went out for dinner then came home and watched tv shows snuggled in bed. Watched some anime and also a bit of the new Daredevil live action series.

Yesterday I had work but it was fairly relaxed, I just had to pack stock to go on the plane to Queensland, for Gold Coast Supanova this weekend. The rest of our stuff already got couriered straight from Melb to Gold Coast. After work we went and watched Fast & Furious 7. It was pretty crazy cool bullshit action. Not heavy on story, as those kinda movies are for boneheads afterall. But knowing that the actor Paul Walker had passed away, did make the send off of his character a little bit sad. But they did it in a nice way.

Today my car is getting looked at *again* because it's being a shit and making horrible high pitched squeeling noises and all the dash lights have come on again. I have a feeling the alternator is fucked or the belt is coming loose. The weekend just gone, I didn't drive my car at all because I was worried it might break down due to these problems, so I've been swapping cars with Dad and taking the X-trail. Luckily he works for himself, so during the weekdays he'd just go get work done early and bring the car back for me to head off to work in the afternoon. I'm so grateful that my parents are so helpful when it comes to borrowing their car because I'm seriously terrified of catching the train home at night.

Flying off to Queensland on friday for Gold Coast Supanova work. I love Queensland!


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