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Ethan's car got smashed.... Again
bishi, keh, smirk

Ughhh some wanker drove on the wrong side of the road, side swiping Ethan's car and causing him to collide with the car in front who braked/swerved trying to avoid the oncoming lunatic. Of course the asshole drove off leaving Ethan and the other guy with damaged cars to fend for themselves.

I was not in the car at the time. Ethan was on the way to my house, to pick me up on the way to his Aunt's funeral. So instead I had to go pick him up.

We also had another problem. Ethan had accidently locked his keys in the car when he got out after the accident and the car was still running. The RACV was going to take ages and we needed to leave to make it for the funeral. So he called Kevin & Bianca who live nearby and luckily they were home and could come down and watch the car for a while until the RACV came to get the keys out.


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