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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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How do people make enough money to survive?
princess, sookylahlah
I feel like it's just pure luck that people land a job that lasts. My life has been a constant struggle to find a job that doesn't flake out on me. Maybe I chose the wrong industry I originally told myself when all my webdesign jobs crapped out. Then I got a basic job doing data entry and that died as well. As it stands, Tamarket has been my most stable job and even then I only work a half week, I make enough money to pay my bills, feed myself and pay for a little entertainment and fun stuff so I don't go completely mad. But I don't make enough to move out of home on my own. I think even if I did work full time, it would still be difficult to afford rent.

I feel like a constant failure. I keep trying to find ways to make just a few extra bucks but because that's never fruitful people think I just sit around doing nothing. I worry about money every single day. People think I'm carefree as I watch a lot of anime and videogames. And while I enjoy those things, it's also an escape from the worries of my life.

Without my parents putting a roof over my head, I'd be in big trouble. I see homeless people in the city and it's a constant reminder that jobs and housing in Australia are a fucking joke.


I haven't really been running my website business for a while but I had some website outsourcing business call me and I'm all like "I don't even have any work for myself right now" and the sales lady starts pep talking me saying that I'm a wonderful person and things will pick up soon. That was unusual but certainly not unwelcome. Nice to know that a salesperson can say a few kind words even after they realise they've hit a dead end on their sales pitch!

I keep meaning to try and revive my business for some freelance work but I just haven't got around to it yet. I need to plan out a new website, which is quite a lengthy job. For now my old business domain ninja-networks.com.au is pointing to ninja-usagi.com which really doesn't have any info about webdesign services, so I need to combine that in. I don't want to pay for seperate hosting again.

Many things to do. Not much money. And only so much time. I honestly don't know how anybody keeps their life together. Because I'm struggling.