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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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2 tanks of petrol in a week, Mothers Day
swear, rarr, grumpy
I've gone through twice the amount of petrol this week than I normally do. Another weekly budget blown. What are savings?

Aside from going to work, I also drove to the city on 3 other occasions with Ethan. His car is still getting fixed, so I drove a bunch of other places or had to pick him up. On saturday we went to the NGV (Melbourne's art gallery) and looked at various exhibitions, as Ethan had to review stuff for university. We mostly looked around the free areas but also went in the Chinese exhibiton that is on at the moment, which you have to pay for. Ethan was kinda bored but I love going to galleries XD

On Mothers Day I had to drive to Wonthaggi for lunch with family. Which pretty much ate half a tank of petrol. Ughh. At least my brother paid for my lunch as thanks for being driver for that trip.

Also, that lunch was shiiiiiiit. I stick by my hatred for pub food. It was one of those all you can eat kinda things. But it was so bland, I didn't want more. At least the dessert was ok. But yeahhhh, I think I've become a food snob. I eat in the city a lot and even the cheap food in the city is better than what I had at this pub. >_>

Nana and Grandad wanted us to come back to their house for a bit after lunch but Jon needed to get a university assignment done. Nana looked kinda disappointed that we couldn't stay but I was kinda relieved I had an exit excuse because I was feeling really exhausted.

Sometimes I just can't stand to be around people anymore and just want to go home and do my own thing. It probably seems rude to some. But this is what it means to be an introvert. You burn out any form of human interaction and become very agitated when forced to continue with it.
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