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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Ethan is home from America :)
sparkle, love
Ethan got back today from America. (yay I missed him hehe)

We went to Knox for a late lunch and came back here to watch anime.

But he is so jetlagged, he fell asleep at 6pm. It's really funny when he's mega tired because he wakes up so confused about where he is and what time it is.

He got me all these presents!! There's 2 things that I forgot to put in the photo (manga).

2 Blankets with Star Wars M&M's and Las Vegas M&M's
Cat t-shirt
Free! singlet with Makoto
Free! tshirt with Rin, Makoto, Haru and Nagisa,
Jeans with a cool fluer-de-lis pattern on the pockets
Sailor Moon wallet
Sailor Moon trading cards
A necklace with a dreamcatcher
Sailor Moon manga volume 11 & 12

He said he felt bad that I couldn't come along so kept getting me something at every place. I feel spoiled but at the same time totally love it. <3

I would have loved to have gone but it's a bit too close to convention time, so I'd feel terrible leaving work unfinished to be rushed at the last minute. My job may only be casual but I do feel a responsibility to prioritise work around conventions. We have a new girl who's just started and this will be her first con with us, so I can't exactly leave everything to her yet.