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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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My IQ is still 130... shit yeah :D
bishi, keh, smirk
Name Jodie
Age 34 years old
IQ 130.4
Score ≥ 55 correct answers
Percentile 89.74%
Test Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices
Scale Cattell (standard deviation of 24)
Permalink /en/report/4T8FTFoNxire8MCCB


Your score is firstly converted according to international standardsand correlated with a percentile range based on your age and your country. The higher the percentile, the better the performance. For example, a percentile of 67 indicates that 67% pf subjects achieved a lower score.

Following this, your percentile is correlated to your IQ according to the Cattell scale (standard deviation of 24). The average IQ is 100. If you exceed 100, you are more intelligent than average and a lower score means that you are, according to a certain measure, less intelligent.

You belong to a group of people who are extremely gifted (less than 2% of the global population) with an IQ of 130.4 (percentile 89.74%, Cattell scale) with more than 55 correct answers.


Your exceptional intelligence offers you facilities and aptitudes which are as special as they are rare in various fields, notably creative ones. You have a broader, more sophisticated way of thinking. If you are given the opportunity to develop this exceptional potential, you will make outstanding achievements in your life.

Those who achieve these scores ​​are generally good leaders or real experts in their field or excellent scholars or researchers. Some of the famous people who have achieved this score include the ex-governor of California and the ex-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger or the actress Nicole Kidman.

This interpretation is provided purely for information.


A percentile of 89.74% signifies that 89.74% of the test subjects has an IQ which is lower than yours. In other words, you are more intelligent than 89.74% of the population.


Yes. This test has been designed by psychologists. Numerous works and scientific publications dedicated to the Raven's Progressive Matrices have been published and have proved the reliability of this IQ test (see Home Page).

It has even been demonstrated that there is a 70% correlation between the result of this test and educational achievement. Consequently, the higher the result of this test, the greater the chance you have of succeeding at higher levels of study. By comparison, the factor of correlation with other IQ tests varies on average between 20 and 60%.