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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Down with the sickness (guess I'll just have to play games all weekend)
bishi, keh, smirk
I remember thinking a few weeks ago that it has been a while since I caught a cold and that I'd probably not be able to escape being sick this winter. Low and behold I have some downtime from work after Supanova Sydney and I woke up yesterday with a blocked nose. Felt progressively worse over the day and even more gross today.

I was planning to go to Oz Comic Con on the weekend just for something to do as I rarely get to go to conventions as a regular attendee anymore, but I'm going to give it a miss now. I don't want to be one of those inconsiderate people that goes to a big event while sick and get's everyone else sick as well. Sooo it's a weekend inside for me.

Guess I'll just have to play FFXIV Heavensward!! XD

I was going to call up and book that specialist appointment but it's 5pm already. oops. Really should get on that next week.

Ethan and I spent a lot of time yesterday researching hotels for Japan. So far we're planning to stay in Osaka for the first 4 days, so we'll just get a connecting flight when we arrive. Then we'll head to Tokyo for the rest of the trip. The flight from Narita to Osaka is booked. Still haven't booked the hotels because we were having trouble finding something with a good location and price. We will probably comprimise on location, since it's pretty cheap just to catch a train into the city centers. 
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