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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Stuff I'm watching - anime / cartoons
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Sailor Moon Crystal has finished for now. I sobbed through the final episode. Yeahhhhhh. I just don't understand how people are hating so much on Crystal when the original story is so good! Forget about the cheap animation and just enjoy the story. Did people actually like the countless amounts of filler monsters added to the 90's anime? I just don't get it! Anyways, at the end of the episode it did imply that there would be more with a "see you again" kind of message. So I'm hopeful that the third arc will get announced in the near future and not take 2 years to come about.

Still have a bunch of anime from the previous season to finish off. This season seems fairly lacklustre and I've tried to limit the amount of things I put on my watching list so that I can get through that backlog.

I'm also making my way through Avatar - The Legend of Korra. I just finished season 3. I really enjoy this show! There aren't many english animated shows that are so story driven with good balanced characters. So you really have to savour them whenever they come around!

I've also checked out a couple episodes of Steven Universe, which everyone seems to be raving about lately. I think it's a bit too much on the kiddy silly side for me to really get into it. But it does have a nice assortment of characters. It does seem to have a story in the background quietly developing but I don't think it's enough for me. It's like Adventure Time...it was fun... but it wasn't anything super amazing.

I'm really in the mood for shows that are strong on story at the moment. I dropped all the slice of life anime for this season. Admittedly there's a few things I'm watching because they are pervy :P

So at the moment I'm watching Snow White With The Red Hair, Heroic Legend of Arslan, Gangsta, God Eater, Junjuo Romantica 3, Pillow Boys, My Love Story, Prison School, Rokka : Braves of Six Flowers, Food Wars and Ushio to Tora.
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