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Working a convention a week after having surgery probably wasn't the best timing in the world. But I've got so much other shit happening this month and then going to Japan next month that I really just wanted it done ASAP instead of prolonging the stress.

So yeah, while I feel like I recovered pretty well earlier in the week, once all the box movin and stall setup needed to be done I was a bit sore at the end of each day, I guess moving around a lot will flare up a wound. Supposedly it doesn't fully heal for quite a few weeks.

We got Toru Furuya a 6 pack of beer as a present for signing all our stuff, as we were told he loves beer. I always feel pretty weird and awkward whenever I go to signings.

It was absolutely freezing this weekend, so I was perfectly comfortable wearing kigurumi's at Animaga.

I felt a bit forlorn about being stuck working and not being able to take the time to enjoy con events like I used to. Mostly because the events stage was right across from us and I really just wanted to watch the cosplay comp instead of watching the stall... I really miss taking photos too. Ethan was there on saturday but I couldn't really talk to him because I had so many customers demanding attention. He was an absolute champ and bought me some hot food too.

But anyways, this is my job for now and I do love selling products that I collect myself. Although I'll keep poking around for full time work... and perhaps one day become and 9-5 robot that can actually afford things like everyone else.. either that or hit some entrepreneur gold mine of an idea. Hah.


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