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Battalion Ball - Military formal dinner
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Last saturday Ethan and I had a formal dinner to go to. Unfortunaley my friends were having a Halloween party on the same night and I would have rathered gone to that. But Ethan already bought the tickets for this formal ages ago and they were kinda expensive.

I went out and bought a new formal dress for $119 at Knox because well... I wanted a new one. I did recently buy a new dress for Chezzies wedding but I feel like you can't wear the same thing to events that are close together. XD

The food was alright, there was vegetarian stuff already pre-ordered for me. The drinks were free but they didn't have any muscato wine! I was driving home anyways, so I only had 2 drinks with dinner. There was a tonne of chocolates/lollies for dessert and I pinched the leftovers to take home.

I pinched some of the preview images from the photographers site. We did order a big print of the full body image.So I will scan that when we get it.

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