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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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A sleep-in on Christmas morning is actual bliss.
bishi, keh, smirk
It's Christmas Day and for once I had a glorious sleep in until 11.45am. Being the last "kid" at home is a bit lonely at times but this morning I did not miss being dragged from the comfort of my bed at fuckoff o'clock. I got up and fed Ranma around 9am and then went back to catch up on sleep. Was great.

I don't really care too much for Christmas these days. It's rather lackluster as an adult when you can no longer convince your parents to buy you videogames XD
But it's nice to catch up with everyone and eat good food.

Ethan and I already exchanged gifts yesterday evening before we headed over to Aunty and Uncles for Christmas Eve. I got Ethan a really nice Saber figure, the "last episode" version. Ethan got me the Sailor Moon megahouse chibi figure I've been wanting for a while, it's a lot like a Nendoroid just a different brand.

Got a $30 gift card from Kris Kringle last night, so that will probably go towards a game. Ethan and I also got a stack of movie tickets from Sam & Aaron.