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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Christmas Day
smiling eternal, smile
So on Christmas Day we had lunch at our house with Mums side of the family. But it was a smaller gathering than usual as a few people are elsewhere.

For Christmas I got ~
Lindt Chocolates, Moogle plushie and Ranka keychain from work
Ferrero Rochers from Nana & Grandad
$50 Chadstone voucher from Jon & Kat
$15 Nintendo eshop voucher and Legend of Zelda phonehanger from Chez & Ash
Chocolate gingerbread biscuits, marzipan chocolate and Nepean Country Club membership from Mum / Dad
As a share present with my siblings we got a Ping Pong set for the pool.

I also went over to Ethan's house and his family got me some presents too!
Makeup cases
Mini evening purse/bag
Panda travel pillow
Game of Thrones colouring book

I came back home with Ethan and then we played some board games with Chez and Dad. Forbidden Island and then Forbidden Desert. We managed to win both games! The last time I played the Desert one at Chez's house we lost XD

It's boxing day now and we've been relaxing and playing games. Going to buy a Wii U sometime this week. Quite possibly tonight or tomorrow.