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Mum crashed the red xtrail.
bishi, keh, smirk
Mum had a panic attack after seeing a spider and jumped out a moving car last night. She didn't even put it in park and just left dad while it rolled backwards down a hill. The door pushed her over and she rolled under it and luckily didn't get hit by the actual car or another one. Her arm is all bruised up. Dad is fine because luckily the car veered sideways and hit a retaining wall before it went too far.

But yeah, she needs some serious help. Her fear of huntsman spiders is way out of control if she doesn't even think of her own safety or anyone else's.

The car isn't too badly damaged, I think it's just the back bumper that's wrecked. But since it's a new car, I suspect some of the sensors could be damaged along with that. But we will see.


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