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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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life is beachy
smiling eternal, smile
Went to the beach on sunday and then again today. Me and Ethan caught up with different friends on each day, so that was good. Dunno if Ethan has seen them recently when I've been busy, but I hadn't seen them myself for quite a while.

Sunday we hung out with Rob and Georgia (Robs housemate) for the afternoon at Mordialloc Beach and today we went to Mt Martha beach and hung out with Jess (Duffy).

In other news, my blue hair is really starting to fade heaps now since it has been 2 weeks. I think I should grab another packet of blue dye and touch it up on the weekend if I get time.

I feel fat lately and I think I should diet a little bit. Christmas time was too jolly, hehehe. Aaaand there's way too much candy/chocoloate in the house... and then I go to work and there's more chocolate/candy lying around to tempt me. I really have to stop going to work hungry and make sure I eat lunch before I leave.