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Birthdays, Concerts, Valentines Day and Bourke Street Brawls
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I had a busy weekend!

On friday I went to the Edinborough Tattoo military concert with Ethan as he got free tickets and and then we went to Beta Bar to meet up with some friends for Nato's birthday. I played a card game and some Smash there. Also had a nice cocktail called "Skull Kid" which was made from malibu, midori and pineapple juice.

On Saturday is was my sister Samantha's birthday. I went over to her house for some board games and BBQ lunch....and KITTENS! She has two kittens now, Bilbo and Leila, they are so precious! Later in the evening we went to see the Deadpool movie and it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was Valentines Day, so I met up with Ethan at Crown after he finished work in the afternoon. Played a little bit of roulette at Crown and then we went for a walk to find some food. Ended up at the Lindt Cafe on Southbank, got a nice salted caramel milkshake and a quiche. Then we headed back to Crown and played games at Galactic Circus. Ethan found an arcade version of Crossy Road and since he's pretty good at the game, got a whole bunch of prize tickets from it. Then we headed over to Elizabeth Murdoch Hall to see the Final Fantasy : A New World orchestral concert. Which was all sorts of excellent, was the best part of the day! We grabbed some quick food from TGI Fridays before they closed and then went back to Crown to play some more games at Galactic Circus, which resulted in more prize tickets and claiming and Deadpool bobble head figure.


Yesterday I had work at Tamarket, and while on my mail run I witnessed a fight on Bourke Street. Two men were kinda having words with fists up and people on the street were kinda hanging back. As I was getting closer to the Post Office I slowed down as well, wondering if it was safe to go past. A girl from the travel agent called out that she called the police. I hurried into the Post Office and as I was going in I heard shouting, so I hurried around to the window and saw the two men on the ground trying to strangle / punch each other. Crazily enough, a young woman jumped in and broke them up. It was amazing, she was so brave! One guy was bleeding from the mouth and the other guy's suit was all ripped. The guy who looked like he started it was still trying to go after the man in the suit and the girl was holding him back telling him to stop and it's not worth it. Eventually the not so well dressed man walked off and the girl and the man in the suit hung around until the police came.

I tried to take video but it's not very clear what is happening during the fight as there are too many people in the way. But I do have their faces clearly on camera after it broke up. But it's probably not such a serious matter that I need to do anything with it. But at the time I was thinking someone was gonna get choked to death on the street in broad daylight. It was so amazing that one girl jumps in while all these other men were standing around watching it happen. Ok so I'm not much better running inside and hiding by the window, but we all know I'm physically weak.

And just to top off the weekday weirdness, today while in Boronia getting petrol ~

Guy at the petrol station "ah the very hot chick with the very hot car!"
Me *laughs because I have no other response to that because I'm too socially awkward*

Seriously dude.... I'm sure you're just trying to give a compliment...but it does make a person feel a little uncomfortable when you don't know them to say it in that way.

After that he asked about what my numberplate meant. I said it means rabbit in Japanese of course. He then asks if I like rabbits..... "yeah they are cute"
Couldn't be bothered explaining the whole Sailor Moon thing XD


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