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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Might buy a tablet... Need to do some research.
geek, videogames, PSU, phantasystar
Originally I never really wanted a tablet. But when I find myself travelling interstate for convention weekends with work, I kinda wish I had something bigger than my phone and lighter than my laptop (7kg carry-on limits suck!). So now I'm really starting to think about buying one.

I don't want a huge phone, I want that to stay pocket size so I'm not buying some horrid phablet like the iPhone 6 Plus anytime. And if I buy a new laptop, I want something with better specs and a bigger screen. Doing my design work on a 14" is kinda bleh, I've actually hooked up my old 17" 4:3 monitor so I have more workspace for layouts.

So yeah, a tablet is the best in-between device for short trips away from home so I have something to dump anime onto and web browse / check email. I'm leaning heavily towards an Android device because I want more flexibility with what sort of stuff I can install. Like for example, PSO2es which is the mobile version of Phantasy Star Online 2. I've been told that you can easily purchase Arks Cash with Google Wallet this way too.

Something like the Samsung Galaxy S2 tab should probably be alright. The bigger one would be good but $_$ but I could cope with the 8" one just fine for a cheaper price. There's a few other Galaxy models I should probably research but it's kinda confusing the way tablets are named. I think the S2 is more decent specs though.

I'm not in any huge rush but I might grab one from the current Dick Smith sales...if not I might wait for the financial year sales.

I'm so terrible at saving money.

But eh, I have a bunch of back to back conventions this year and need someway to catch up on my anime in my downtime.

I think I'd also find it useful around the house just for looking up recipes or game walkthrough's when I'm not at my computer. I do have a laptop, but it's not always ideal to drag it to the couch or the kitchen.