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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Batman Vs Superman wasn't that bad!
OH, blush, kaito, vocaloid
Today was Easter, had home made pizza with family. Was good to chill at home for once. Mum and Dad went to visit Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Hans and my cousins, me Sam and Chez stayed here and played some board games. In the evening I then went out to dinner later with friends. Briefly caught up with Davd (Lid) who was down in Melb this weekend.

After dinner me and Ethan went to the movies.

I was hearing that the Batman Vs Superman movie was getting terrible reviews, so I went to the movie expecting it to be complete rubbish. But it really wasn't that bad. Sure, the actual fight between the two spends half the movie building up and then lasting all of about 5 minutes. And yeah, Batman was being a bit of a douche. But things got resolved when they unite to fight a common enemy, saw that one coming from a mile away. Then we get Wonder Woman show up and kick some butt, she was awesome. More of her please. I could say a whole lot more here but I'm trying not to drop all the spoilers.