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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Big Order is a bit of a trainwreck #anime
bishi, keh, smirk
At first it seemed like a good serious show about a world in a state of chaos and people with special powers but then a whole bunch of dumb shit happened, like MC making the crazy revenge girl his yandere waifu with his "order" power, so now she's unable to kill him because he's under his command. I laughed. I watched the second episode, he got made "King" by a terrorist group but is kind of a puppet and a face for their war. They basically bribed him by saying they would cure his sister of <insert life threatening disease>.Ok.

And now the third episode. The pure maiden with an order power that gives her divination, but believes she will lose her power if a man touches her. Bitch plz. Of course it ended on a cliffhanger with her getting "pregnant" after he touched the ribbons on her head. If she's actually preggers in the next episode, welcome to my dropped list.

I was liking all the magic powers people had, but I don't think this is going to the show I wanted. This is defintely turning out to be a harem full of trope girls.:(