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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Macross Delta is great :D #anime
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Ok I'm pretty obsessed with Macross Delta, there's only 5 episodes out and I've already watched them 3 times each. There are quite a lot of characters to remember so the second watch helped me with that. And I just watched the 3rd round with Ethan tonight as he hadn't seen it all yet. Hnnnnghhh must make boyfriend like Macross >_>

Macross Delta has spawned a tonne of daily discussion on 4chan and I'm enjoying it, even the shitposting gives me a laugh. People have been having discussions about the entire franchise and it's interesting to see how people feel about the triangle ships from each season. The ships I seem to like never work in Macross, lol. This time around I'm trying not to get too invested in a ship just to watch it sink. Emphasis on trying because I've already got a soft spot for Freyja. But I'd also like to know more about the other characters, they just haven't been featured a whole heap yet. I want to know more about Mirage, since she is the grandaughter of Max and Milia.

There's some pretty crazy theories about the identity of Mikumo, ranging from cyborg, squid (her hair lol), windemerian and protodevlin. She's certainly not human from what I can tell at least. So either an alien race we've been introduced to before or a whole new one? Super curious!!!

Oh and don't forget Mercats. MERCATS! So freaking cute!!

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