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Format My Heartdrive

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season III is so pretty!
sparkle, love

Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal has taken a little bit of a change on the art direction, it feels like they've made a mix of the 90's anime and the original manga which I feel is working wonders. While I loved the season 1 and 2 artstyle emulating the manga, all the 90sanimeonly4life!!! wankers were constantly complaining. PS: Go read the manga you plebs.

Anyways, this season is following the S arc where the outer senshi are introduced and I'm totally loving it. Really looking forward to Super Sailor Moon!

I also really like that we get to see the depth of the relationships that Usagi has with everyone. We get to see bits of Usagi & Mamoru lovu lovu, cute moments of Usagi and Chibi-Usa and all the inner senshi girls working together as a team to figure out the mysteries of Mugen Academy They haven't shyed away from showing Haruka flirt with her either, which is great! If I wasn't such a diehard Usagi / Mamoru shipper, I'd find Usagi / Haruka a very plausible option. XD