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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Slowly backing away from Facebook
bishi, keh, smirk
I will fully admit that I have an internet addiction. In the last few years Facebook was especially my vice. I'd go there to kill time, just browse through people's post for interesting things. Like or comment in the hopes that I'm forming better friendships. Or do some light trolling in various communities for amusement.

But eventually I've realised that most the stuff lately isn't very interesting. My feed is being clogged by advertisements and clickbait. And in my attempts to connect with people... I felt even more lonely.

Instead of looking at pretty fanart or reading forums, I was defaulting to facebook and wondering why I felt so restless. Slowly all the things I used to love looking at had dropped out of my radar. (I'm sure this is partly due to failbook algorithms too).

I've been browsing 4chan a lot more frequently lately and I feel more content in the sea of anons. So it's time to really smack myself away from facebook and head back to all my old internet haunts and dive right back into fandom. Maybe I'll feel inspired to draw again ...I've been saying this for years, what's wrong with me? =[

I should use my freetime more effectively and play more games / watch anime. I feel stupid when I've wasted hours just browsing facebook. Been playing a little bit of Zelda Twilight Princess HD this week, currently up to the first temple. I've been clearing a lot of anime backlog lately and really enjoying the current season shows I've picked up. Tonight I watched a bunch of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Stardust Crusaders) and then a bit of Miraculous Ladybug..which isn't really anime because it's 3D CG...but yeah it's still animation... because I barely watch tv shows with real people in them.

And of course I need to post here more. Because no one reads this stupid rants but it's cathartic for me to just dump my mindtrash into words.

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I still read this muahahahahahaha

I've been considering deleting my FB account for a while. It's impossible though, because there's certain things I use it for that I can't go without (certain social clubs, events, etc.) so I can never leave. Maybe I can just remove everything else and only leave the bare essentials.

I've been removing a lot of excess from my life lately and it feels good. Freeing!

I'd feel bad deleting people from my facebook list, don't want to offend anyone! But I think that's why some people make second profiles under fake names, so they can have a clean feed.

Also hi! Didn't know you still logged into LJ :D

You can always unsubscribe from people but stay friends, so you don't see any of their stuff in your feed but you are still friends and can view their page. I've done that to a few people.

Hah I don't really, it was a random encounter :P

(Deleted comment)
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