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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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I haven't been into cosplay much lately... exchange rate sucks and too lazy to sew
cute sailormoon, sleep
I haven't been really excited for cosplay in a while because I'm not particularly obsessed with any new characters. That and the exchange rate is fucking horrible right now, so any characters I sort of like, aren't that appealing when I have to add 30% on top of the price of the costume, wigs etc. Which is just uggghhhh no.

I am trying to save money this year but I haven't really saved anything, but I have paid off a chunk of my credit card so that's a plus. So at least I'm saving money on interest fees.

I might go to OzComicCon with Ethan... will probably just wear whatever costumes in my cupboard. Not like I don't have any XD

I'll be working at Sydney Supanova and Perth Supanova in a few weeks. Already stressed. This stupid box factory stuffed our order up so now we gotta do all this extra shit to have them pick it up, fix it, then deliver it again.
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