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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Supanova Sydney and Perth
bishi, keh, smirk
Been pretty busy the last few weeks. Had two conventions to work. Supanova Sydney and Supanova Perth.

In Sydney we stayed at the Pullman hotel which is just a quick walk away from the convention and we got to eat a proper breakfast each morning. It seemed a bit quieter this year at Sydney, I think they are spoiled for choice with conventions at the moment, plus the vendors hall was quite massive which spreads the sales out. But we still did alright.

On the monday after the con, we went to visit Lindsay, who has been quite sick all this year as he's recieving treatment for luekemia. He's near the end of the kemo treatment, so hopefully he will get an all clear soon. He's hoping he'll be able to come to Smash! in a few months. But yeah, was good to actually see him after worrying from afar.

The weekend after was Perth Supanova, which was actually quite busy for us. I had a look around the con and there wasn't many other anime traders. I usually don't buy anything from the cons these days unless other stalls have Sailor Moon stuff I don't have. The stall next to us had some gashapon machines with the diecast charms, so I got some of those but got doubles. I got Uranus' transformation wand which is now on my laptop bag. I'll probably give the double to Chez, since she likes Uranus too.

I stayed a few extra days in Perth since it was cheaper for work to fly me home later in the week and we weren't paying for accomodation, since we were staying at Adrian's sisters house. We hung out with Steve and Aki and saw movies mostly. I got along really well with Steve's wife Kylie because I discovered she likes Scarling and Jack Off Jill! :D

I bought a PS4 game called Talos Principle from EB. I've never seen it in stores before, it's a puzzle game and looked interesting.

Flew home on thursday night. Went out for brunch with Ethan on Friday before work. And now he will be away 2 weeks with work. lol.

I bought Overwatch for PC yesterday while I was out getting dinner last night....and a blue case decoration for my PS4. There's lots more games I want but I should probably play the lot I have for now. Been playing my alt a lot on FFXIV, got him to 60.

I want to play more of Life is Strange but I have to wait for Ethan to get back. We've played through chapter 4, I think there might be one more left.

Have to go to a family thing this afternoon, uggghh kids parties, why did I agree? I really just want to see Michelle.