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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Coming full circle - I've had nearly every bedroom in this house
bishi, keh, smirk
So looks like I'm going to be moving my room back downstairs, or to 2 rooms more precisely. Probably going to stick my bed in the small purple room and put my computer / tv and figure collection into the larger room (which was orignally my room when we first moved here.) I'll have more storage space and it will be warmer for winter / cooler in summer in those rooms.

The main reason is that Mum / Dad wanted to use one of the bedrooms as another entertainment room for the pool table or a car/train track set and it makes more sense to use the uptairs bedroom which is right next to the big loungeroom and bar area. So yeah, Dad just needs to finish painting the room downstairs and I've gotta sort out all the old toys in the cupboards.

Today we had to make sure the ethernet port still worked, coz dad had changed the wall plate, so we had to thread the wire back in and stuff. Tested it with a laptop and crossover cable and it's all good (I initially tried a regular straight cable but that didn't work - I can't remember how me and Jon wired up that cable / wallplate originally). Might need to put some sort of switch down there though for my game consoles. I'm rusty on my networking ( I was originally thinking I needed a hub but after reading up, remembered that switch is the better one). Might get something that will also extend the wifi signal downstairs better. I will have to do some more research. But lately our wifi signal has been getting really shit but anything connected with ethernet is fine.

Mum was all antsy about whether to sell this house but now the prospect of setting up rooms differently has her settled here again. lol.

And yeah yeah as much as I'd like to move out, it's just so expensive. So I'll stay here for some time more.....