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UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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#PokemonGo eats my battery on the loading screen even when I can't login >_>
bishi, keh, smirk
I've been trying to log into Pokemon Go all morning and been unsuccessful but even sitting on the loading screen has eaten 25% of my battery. Fark this app is a battery whore!! Apparently the sales for powerbanks has spiked because of Pokemon Go. I have one that can give one full recharge of my phone that I got last year which is good for emergency.

I'm starting to wonder how much data it's going to chew as well. But since I spend most of the time trying to log in rather than actually playing it, So I can't really guage data usage yet. My better runs on it have been when I'm at home on wifi.

I'm so amused how this game has taken Melbourne by storm, you just walk down the street and you can see people playing it on their phones or over hear them talking about Pokemon. It warms my heart <3

It's also a combination of annoying/amusing that I usually don't have any luck logging into the app until after 5pm. Everyone is playing it at work/uni whatever XD
When I'm at work there's actually 3 Pokestops close to the office that I can usually hit up while I'm inside to stock up on Pokeballs. Although I try be responsible and only play it when I'm on my dinner break or when I'm between running errands (ie: walking to post office).

I have yet to challenge a gym because I think my Pokemon are too crap... and the login problems.

Other than that, I've been playing Overwatch and FFXIV.

Overwatch has so many characters to learn! I started trying out Lucio the other day and he's pretty good! I need to learn to manuever better with him, he can wall ride with the jump so I'll have to try out getting to high places and stuff. But his AOE healing is useful and his gun does decent damage (seems better than Mercy attack wise but she's better on pure heals)