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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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King for a day, Princess by dawn
bishi, keh, smirk
Got to be "boss" yesterday at work and run the stall at the convention. Everything during the day went smoothly, had Chez and Dave all day and Gerry came in later to help with lunch run and packup. It was a fairly standard sunday for a convention, people wandering around browsing but not many buying. But I think we still sold a decent amount. Pack down went efficiently because there wasn't a whole tonne of figures left (lots went on saturday of course)! Pleased with myself and my team, we had everything in the office by 8.30pm, usually we're still slogging away at the con by that time. I drove a van for the first time too. I was a bit nervous about getting it in and out of the alleyway to our office car park, but I had Chez with me to watch the sides so all went well.

Now to enjoy today off, try to regain some energy, play the shit out of Overwatch and try to get a load of washing done. But it's 11am and I haven't done much yet, still trying to wake up.

The rest of the week will be madly resorting things at work to get ready for the Madman Anime Convention next weekend.

In other news, Megahouse are re-releasing the GEM figure of Zero (Lelouch) but this time it has an extra Suzaku face. GODDAMMIT now I feel the need to buy it again. Code Geass has its 10th Anniversary coming up this year so there's probably going to be a whole tonne of new merch and my wallet will cry.

Time to sell some old stuff, so I can buy new stuff!


OMG I just did the math and the new figure is about $50+ more just for that extra head because it's limited/exclusive and they jacked up the price and the exchange rate is shit. I will sadly pass on that.

Patience self, wait for *NEW* merch.