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Format My Heartdrive

UniKoRn's diary of insanity

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Fandom overload this week!
bishi, keh, smirk
This week was filled with so much fanspazzing. I've got so much nerdstuff to do and catch up on!

While still in Brisbane on monday, we discovered that the Blizzard Cute But Deadly blind box figures are now available in Australia and kept buying them. I got Illidan from World of Warcraft, so much happiness! I'd like to get the Overwatch characters eventually. I got Raynor from Startcraft but already sold him on ebay.

New character Sombra went live on Overwatch after months of teasing, as well as new game modes. I've only had a quick bash of Sombra in a custom game with NPC's because every quick play game someone already chooses her...which is to be expected I suppose! But she does seem fun.

Wednesday night Ethan and I went to dinner because it was our anniversary the other week but we were too busy with PAX. He gave me World of Final Fantasy for PS4 as a present.

Yuri on Ice gave us episode 7 filled with so many feels and squee worthy moments, including a kiss. Sports anime actually went full homo! Victor x Yuri enriches my life.

It was also Makoto Tachibana's birthday on thursday so me and my sis had a party, ate cake and watched Free! episodes while posing figmas.
Lewd photos here :D

Then later in the evening on thurs, Me, Chez and Ash2 went and picked up the brand new Pokemon Sun & Moon games at the midnight launch. Also EB mistakenly gave Ash2 a 2nd poster/pin set that comes with the collectors edition of Sun and he gave that to me. *score*

Today it's saturday and I'm going back to Chez's for a Pokemon party. Gonna play Sun and Moon and probably bash about some older games on Nintendo 64 too.

Phew! What a week for fandom!